The future of charity is now on the blockchain.


Commit Good Charity Coordinator's meet and verify all charities and needs before they are posted. Utilizing our $GOOD currency you can fund projects with confidence.

We are creating a self‐sustaining Charitable Economy through the blockchain utilizing digital currency. When you do GOOD you get $GOOD.
  • Volunteer ‐ earn $GOOD when you help a supported charity.
  • In-Kind Donations ‐ earn $GOOD when you donate items to a supported charity.
  • Fund projects with $GOOD ‐ earn $GOOD when funding a project.

Plus many more ways to earn $GOOD.

Purchase $GOOD to Fund Projects

Provable Partnerships

Greaterworks Advocacy Network International

Entrepreneurial empowerment, focusing on the have-nots, less privileged, downtrodden and physically challenged; providing entrepreneurship mentoring support.

Gate Africa

We established GATE AFRICA to help contribute to society through volunteerism and innovation and creativity. Our vision is to see a better Africa where everyone is living peacefully content and where children will grow up healthily.

I Am Able Foundation

Strives to decrease the number of problems facing children and young people who live with disabilities in developing countries by improving existing health systems and empowering communities.

Rentse Foundation

The Rentse Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide our Elders with decent homes. Our Elders are forgotten, with most of them providing basic necessities to orphans that are in need of housing.

Meye – Sierra Leone

Raising awareness on early childhood education and helping to reinforce the rights of children affected by violence, neglect, and social exclusion with an opportunity to access quality education.

Give Her A Chance Africa Foundation

Give Her A Chance Africa Foundation is a foundation whose aims and objectives includes among others giving hope to African Girls.

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Our Committed Team

Clay Braswell

Founder & CEO

Clay is the Founder & CEO of Commit Good. A social entrepreneur with over 15 years experience… read more

Andre Dublin


Andre is the CTO at Commit Good. He has experience developing… read more

Shaun Ratliff

Marketing Director

Shaun is the marketing director for Commit Good. He has an extensive agency background in developing… read more

Matt Nelson

Director of Digital Strategy

Matt Nelson is the Director of Digital Strategy. In addition to being a Navy Veteran, Matt is a digital… read more

Jason O. Moore


Jason brings 14 years of experience in the accounting industry to the Commit Good… read more

Jared K Jones

Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Global Alliance Development

With more than a decade of leadership in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and… read more

Pastor Marcel Chukwuemeka Ezeorah

Executive Director, Continent of Africa Charitable Organizations

The General Overseer Of The Throne Of God And Fire Ministries Worldwide… read more

Solomon B. Nkwocha

Executive Director, Global Charity Coordinators

Solomon immigrated to the United States in 1984 to further his education… read more

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